Wiffle Ball, Flowers + A Bronco | East End, Long Island

It is seldom that I can produce words for pictures. I am insecure about my ability to express myself through words, I never seem to have the right ones to tell the story of my heart or what I see when I am making pictures for you.

But today, I my heart feels open and so I have a little story to not only show you, but to tell you. 

It begins before the pictures. A couple of years ago, photographer Jennifer Johnson and I began talking through facebook messenger about photography and then about heavier stuff. We found we had a lot in common and had many heartfelt conversations over a year online, before ever meeting in person or hearing each other's voice. 

Jennifer Tippett Photography

One day, she asked me to photograph her family at their home on the east end of Long Island. I was nervous, as I always am, to photograph another photographer's family... but I was excited, too. Knowing so much about what she loves and what she values her put a fire in me to produce pictures that would make visuals for her heart's voice. 

It's a story of absolute passion for her handsome, strong, funny husband. About the joy her two boys bring her... their humor and sensitivity, athleticism and playfulness... These pictures portray dream life and I think in many ways she really has it. 

We began in her light-filled home...

Jennifer Tippett Photography

then moved to her back yard, where her boys play baseball and other games. She also uses her back yard for sessions. What a perfect place! I have location envy! 

playhouse - clubhouse - backyard play - outdoor playspaces
boys photo session - lifestyle
boy photo session - lifestyle - Jennifer Tippett Photography
older boys photo session - Jennifer Tippett Photography
Jennifer Tippett Photography
baseball photo session Jennifer Tippett Photography
boys photo shoot | Jennifer Tippett Photography
children | Jennifer Tippett Photography
Jennifer Tippett Photography
brothers portrait | Jennifer Tippett Photography
lifestyle photo session Jennifer Tippett Photography
family portrait - lifestyle | Jennifer Tippett Photography
family storytelling session | Jennifer Tippett Photography

As the day progressed, we took a ride in the family's 1978 Ford Bronco for a game of wiffle ball at a nearby farm. 

ford bronco - wiffle ball

But first we made a stop. Jen's oldest son had gone out one day on his bike and returned with flowers for his mother. I think any mother would have loved to have seen this story unfold... Jen asked me to photograph it, so that she could have these images always. Does your heart just fill up at the thought of this?!? Mine does... I loved taking these pictures! 

Off to play wiffle ball... These boys are both sweet and pranksters. The ride over was full of silliness. 

family lifestyle session
lifestyle family session
family session

I am grateful to my friend and her family for trusting me with photographing them in such a way that requires openness and trust. Their session will be one I remember forever.

I am grateful for every family that welcomes me into their home and into their day, to make into pictures the story of what is meaningful in life.