Family Documentary | Backyard Session

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”
— Aaron Siskind

The little things.

We remember vacations, that we went to a certain playground often, feeling loved and loving when everyone was together doing something fun… But it is easy to forget, and sometimes not even notice the little things - - those subtle in-between moments before and after the big memories we have cataloged in our heart and mind. Through a documentary session, I record the little in-between things.

I often say that this kind of photography grows more valuable as years go on. I truly feel, and know from my own experience, that as much as you love these pictures a month after they’re taken, you will cherish them more fully when your child is taller, they no longer play the same way and the way you connect with each other is different.

So little and yet so much is required to produce authentic imagery. What you wear matters least of all. Letting go of preconceived pictures matters most. It is so simple and yet it can be difficult or even scary, I know. But if you trust me and then engage with your family with childlike freedom, I will give in exchange imagery that means something now and gains even more meaning as time goes on.

Time Held Still | Family Documentary

My son is almost too heavy to carry and he is possibly too old to be carried. He can do long division, read The Hobbit, put his friend’s feelings ahead of his own, ride a bike. But I will pick him up every so often and carry him because I know one day very soon he will not let me or he will be too tall for me to pick him up.

So many “last times” happen without us knowing it will be the last time. One day I looked at the stroller and thought to myself - - whenever the last time was that we used this, I didn’t know it would really be the last time. I used to dislike brushing his teeth - - I was relieved when he could do it on his own. But there was a last time I brushed them, his baby teeth… and I didn’t know that the last time was the “last time”.

There are routine things happening every day that are unique to certain years - - we are so close to it in the moment that it seems so ordinary - - we don’t see it for the treasure that it is. These are special times - - the years that our children are home with us, when their world is smaller and they can do less on their own… When they crave our touch and they laugh easily.

Our memories are blurry at times. Time moves fast. When photographing families I purposely keep a slightly lower shutter speed than may be recommended for moving subjects. I do this because I want to capture the feeling of time passing.

Pick your child up and show me your everyday play during our session. Share your rhythms and mundane tasks with my camera. I promise - - they are special and deserve to be photographed. This time is your treasure. Photographs hold what is already gone.

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A collection of images from some of the commissions I had this summer for family and child sessions...

To learn about the sessions that I offer, my prints and pricing, please contact me. Families across Long Island have trusted me for many years to photograph their summer traditions. Our sessions are relaxed and children play freely in the sand, water and around the yard. We share a lot of laughs and fun new memories are made.

May through August is a great time for your family pictures. If you often have fall / autumn portraits, switch it up and schedule a summer documentary session. You will have meaningful art to warm your home all year and I promise you can still make a holiday card from your summer pictures. ❤️

I begin booking summer dates in March. Would you like me to remind you? I send a newsletter out from time to time, typically only once a month. I will notify you of special session offers. If you are a client, I will notify you of print sales.

Flowers In Her Hair

This session was a combination of fine art portraits and documentary-style imagery capturing the wonder this sweet 3 year old girl felt as she explored the beach for her birthday portrait session.

Younger children play during our session and during that time I talk with them. I feel that observing them and talking with them brings out authentic expressions and what successfully captures the true essence of childhood and of your own child’s spirit. ❤️

Every photographer has their own way of connecting with children. Some photographers are gifted comedians, they can make children laugh and smile and their gift for that shows in their work. Some photographers are talented with set design and create scenes using props that have a magical look, whimsical trends or are inspired by classic tales. With children I use my artist’s eye to make art out of what they are naturally doing. I move around them a lot. I take pictures from different perspectives. I prompt them to a new series of photo opportunities by introducing a new activity.

Prior to the session, I send a questionnaire that gives me a glimpse of your child’s personality and interests. I use this information when connecting with your child either verbally or in ways unspoken. The questionnaire also helps me plan for the session - location, activities, etc. For children’s sessions, one parent is present. I encourage this rather than both. I have just found over time that this leads to a more successful session. Depending on age and child’s disposition, I often take a few moments of lightly posed portraits. I am patient and intuitive and know how to pace the session, when to direct and when to observe.

My goal is to capture your child engaged in play and experimentation, resulting in emotive imagery that is unique like each child I work with.

Wardrobe suggestions are provided for every session. Rocking Horse & Antique Box are available in my prop closetFlower Crown is available in my wardrobe closet

Telling Your Story At Home | Long Island Family

I walked into their home and they made me feel like a friend coming to visit. Their little boy had such a friendly disposition. He wanted me to hold him for much of the session - I called him "My Koala". 

The family moved about the house without much direction from me. The girls were excited when it started to snow outside, standing by the window together they watched it fall. 

Their gallery is made up of lots of little things, as you'll see. Some moments of play, some in-between quiet moments, connection portraits... We ended with time in the snow. It's an authentic story of a Saturday morning at home. 


Sea Cliff Family at Home

I am catching up on my writing and this post is long overdue, as the photos were taken over a year ago and this family has since then welcomed a baby to their family! 

I was first greeted to their Gold Coast home by their St. Bernard then by Luisa, who welcomed me as if I were a friend already. Their house was warm and full of treasures that are part of the things that matter most to their family - learning, creating and truth. It's hard to try to put words to the things that I observed about them, everything seemed to be in balance is the best way I can put what I noticed about how they live and communicate and keep their home. 

Just a couple of months ago I was invited back to photograph their baby shortly after he was born and I look forward to sharing those images with you as well in a future post.   

Wiffle Ball, Flowers + A Bronco | East End, Long Island

It is seldom that I can produce words for pictures. I am insecure about my ability to express myself through words, I never seem to have the right ones to tell the story of my heart or what I see when I am making pictures for you.

But today, I my heart feels open and so I have a little story to not only show you, but to tell you. 

It begins before the pictures. A couple of years ago, photographer Jennifer Johnson and I began talking through facebook messenger about photography and then about heavier stuff. We found we had a lot in common and had many heartfelt conversations over a year online, before ever meeting in person or hearing each other's voice. 

Jennifer Tippett Photography

One day, she asked me to photograph her family at their home on the east end of Long Island. I was nervous, as I always am, to photograph another photographer's family... but I was excited, too. Knowing so much about what she loves and what she values her put a fire in me to produce pictures that would make visuals for her heart's voice. 

It's a story of absolute passion for her handsome, strong, funny husband. About the joy her two boys bring her... their humor and sensitivity, athleticism and playfulness... These pictures portray dream life and I think in many ways she really has it. 

We began in her light-filled home...

Jennifer Tippett Photography

then moved to her back yard, where her boys play baseball and other games. She also uses her back yard for sessions. What a perfect place! I have location envy! 

playhouse - clubhouse - backyard play - outdoor playspaces
boys photo session - lifestyle
boy photo session - lifestyle - Jennifer Tippett Photography
older boys photo session - Jennifer Tippett Photography
Jennifer Tippett Photography
baseball photo session Jennifer Tippett Photography
boys photo shoot | Jennifer Tippett Photography
children | Jennifer Tippett Photography
Jennifer Tippett Photography
brothers portrait | Jennifer Tippett Photography
lifestyle photo session Jennifer Tippett Photography
family portrait - lifestyle | Jennifer Tippett Photography
family storytelling session | Jennifer Tippett Photography

As the day progressed, we took a ride in the family's 1978 Ford Bronco for a game of wiffle ball at a nearby farm. 

ford bronco - wiffle ball

But first we made a stop. Jen's oldest son had gone out one day on his bike and returned with flowers for his mother. I think any mother would have loved to have seen this story unfold... Jen asked me to photograph it, so that she could have these images always. Does your heart just fill up at the thought of this?!? Mine does... I loved taking these pictures! 

Off to play wiffle ball... These boys are both sweet and pranksters. The ride over was full of silliness. 

family lifestyle session
lifestyle family session
family session

I am grateful to my friend and her family for trusting me with photographing them in such a way that requires openness and trust. Their session will be one I remember forever.

I am grateful for every family that welcomes me into their home and into their day, to make into pictures the story of what is meaningful in life. 

Joy + Scarlett | Breastfeeding Portraits

Every year I photograph moms and their babes in my gardens in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. I offer breastfeeding portrait sessions year round in your home or at a place that is special to you and your baby. 

While breastfeeding is natural, it is not always easy to do. Many women struggle with low supply and babies have difficulty latching for various reasons including discomfort, lip or tongue tie, etc. Joy is part of our local breastfeeding support group. She and our other mothers offer advice and encouragement to help each mom reach their personal breastfeeding goal. 

While breastfeeding is on the rise again, nursing mothers are still met with criticism and judgement regarding many aspects of it including breastfeeding in public. I hope that these images will show the beauty that is a part of feeding our children our own milk. 

breastfeeding photography
mother + child photo session | Long Island lifestyle photographer
breastfeeding photography
breastfeeding photography
breastfeeding photo session
breastfeeding photo session
long island family photographer | breastfeeding photo session
long island family photographer
long island family photographer | lifestyle photography
long island family photographer
long island family photographer
family photographer long island | lifestyle photo sesion
long island lifestyle photographer
long island family photographer
family photography long island
long island breastfeeding photographer
long island breastfeeding photographer | breastfeeding photography
long island family photographer | jennifer tippett
lifestyle photographer | photographer families long island
family photographer long island | jennifer tippett
long island baby photographer

For more information about World Breastfeeding Week, visit:

For breastfeeding support and help, local breastfeeding groups visit La Leche League:

For breastfeeding information visit Kelly Mom: